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3 Killer Flash-Free Responsive WordPress Templates for Videographers

3 Killer Responsive Wordpress Themes for Videographers

In case you haven’t heard, responsive web design is the answer to the growing number of screen sizes and shapes with which your visitors are viewing your site. It is hugely important for most any business owner to be sure that their website looks good to ALL of their visitors, not just the select few who are using the same size and resolution device you […]

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Free your business from your mobile website with responsive web design


Does your primary site look amazing on every device out there? Probably not.

Do you have a separate mobile website that requires extra updating and doesn’t quite do the job of your primary website?

If you’re still using flash – go stand in the corner. You should know better.

If you’ve already got a WordPress site but it’s been a few years since […]

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5 beautifully simple flash-free website galleries


Why flash-free? Because using flash on your website is like asking Google and other search engines to ignore you. Nothing to see here!

You want Google to really get to know you. To do this, it will need to be able to “see” your images through their file names and “alt” text. A non-flash WordPress photo gallery will allow your images to be completely […]

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The secret of happy photographers.

Woman looking crazy.

I have this really fantastic pie crust recipe.

It has neat little tricks like freezing the dough (for that extra flakiness).

There is only one problem with my delicious recipe.

It makes me. CRAZY.

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10 Stunning Flash-Free Photography Website Templates


Flash is a terrible choice for your photography website. There, I’ve said it.

Flash is the enemy of search engines. If your potential customers can’t find your website then it isn’t doing you any good!

Choose a website platform that is strong, customizable, and is Google’s best friend. WordPress.

WordPress is the not-so-secret secret of anyone who knows that a website should be […]

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How to use your blog to get more clients tomorrow

How to make your photography blog

Your photography blog can actually be the driving force behind booking new clients tomorrow and every day after that.

Your blog can be a place to show people who you really are as both an artist and a person. When people get to know the real you, they become attached to more than just a pretty picture.

The clients you draw in with your personality […]

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